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Mark McCulley
Judge by the Gospel

Essays from an Entitled Parasite

the gospel
 ·Letter to John ReisingerNew
 ·Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames, Letter to My Local PCA Pastor:
 ·A Classical Protestant, Letter to Mike Horton
 ·The Simple Gospel vs the Arminian Gospel
 ·The Scandal of Telling the World that They are Lost
 ·Why Rc Sproul is Baffled
 ·Faith Working By Love
 ·Who hath bewitched you? (Galatians 3: 1-9)
 ·Not Willing To Change I Tim 2:4 to Satisfy Spurgeon
 ·The Father to the Son: Hebrews 1:3
 ·A "Killing Instrument" and Not The Gospel? Romans 9:32
 ·He May Not Spare You Either
 ·Lex Talionis: Romans 13
new perspective
 ·Is it "Many Scholastic Words" Against the "New Perspective" ???
 ·Those Antinomians Down Where I Live
 ·Cliches Against the Gospel
 ·A New Covenant
 ·Conformity to the Death of Jesus
 ·the year 2000 and we are still not dead
 ·"To die is gain" ...For Whom?
 ·incorporeal eyeballs ?
 ·The Death of the God-Man
 ·death like chastisement, and the end of our sinning
 ·They Won't Get the Promise Before We Do
 ·Hasten to Death Because We Want to be More Fully Clothed
 ·McCulley Was A Parasite, Obituary

·what is the gospel? effective atonement, righteouness, not only grace ·judge not lest ye be judged ·nobody can know who's elect ·Christ a person not a doctrine ·heart not head ·Luther's hidden God and the God revealed in the gospel ·Luther and Calvin didn't teach limited atonement ·Wesley and Warfield, Spurgeon and Moody, Boice and Tozer ·don't be such a sheriff ·they didn't teach this in the gospels ·they didn't teach this in Acts ·are you saying you got to be right about everything even baptism? ·calvinists can be lost too ·it was God who gave me my Arminian faith when I was Arminian ·what did Abraham know and when did he know it ·what did Abel know and when did he know it ·not everybody is as smart as you think you are (precise) ·there will be grace for our msitakes even in theology ·keep it positive, you don't have to pick on them to make your point ·don't ask, don't tell (they might reject the truth, so ignorance is bliss ·assruance by works too, not only by doctrine ·you don't have to know anthing to be regenerate, passive in that ·if no univeral atonenement, no promise to all: right, only to the elect ·if no universal atonement, no duty to believe: not based on ability ·let me tell you about my momma

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