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Mark McCulley
Judge by the Gospel


incorporeal eyeballs ?

    Resurrection means that we
    have in our future realities
    which have the bad taste
    to still be visible like
    my unique
    resurrected blood vessels
    so that between now
    and then is not a difference
    where what matters is not matter
    but a "spiritual" beauty
    why do you want to go to heaven
    without waiting to get back
    your own live eyeballs
    new and improved
    immortal then and "spiritual"
    eyeballs completely controlled
    by the Holy Spirit of Christ
    advocates of the incorporeal
    talk about an extremely refined world
    up there some day
    inhabited only by full essences
    a world all clean
    refined and very light
    where time and space
    will not matter
    a matterless world with no touching
    that helps us
    avoid awkward truths
    like that conspicuous hole in the ground
    when we're dead
    and waiting for the resurrection,

mark mcculley

Copyright © 2000 by Mark McCulley. All rights reserved.