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Mark McCulley
Judge by the Gospel


Why Rc Sproul is Baffled

Sproul wrote the preface to James White's The Potter's Freedom (which has the easy job of proving that Gesiler is a fool, but also has some good exegetical stuff, especially in Hebrews and particular atonement).

Sproul begins his preface: "I often find myself baffled as I consider the state of the church in our day." Sproul ends his preface: "It seems that while we are all born Pelagains, most of us are reborn as semi-Pelagians. That is, we come into the kingdom as Arminians."

That of course explains Sproul's bafflement. He has a wrong assumption, that Arminians are Christians. I am not saying that God cannot save an Arminian. I am saying that God saves His sheep from being Arminian. Their ceasing to be Arminians is not why they are saved. But those who have been saved have ceased to be Arminians, or else they are not saved.

One problem is the "us" here. Sproul thinks he's an "evangelical". Evangelicals are unsaved. I am not part of any "us" which is "reborn as semi-pelagians". That "us" is headed to destruction unless they are converted to the true gospel and to the true Christ.

What if I said: "most of us are born rapists and murderers, but reborn as only murderers". Would you agree? Sproul still tolerates Arminianism because he still believes the lie of Arminianism. If you know him, please talk to him about the gospel. In the meanwhile, what about YOU: how much do YOU still believe the lie of Arminianism?

Think about it. "Reborn". Who does the birthing? God does. God does not birth us into perfect character and confession. But does God birth us with a lie and keep us in that lie? When that lie denies the very righteousness of God?


Mark McCulley

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